Relationship Counselling

Every individual shares many types of relationships with others. Each one of us interacts with many other individuals in our personal, social as well as professional life. Although each type of relationship is as significant as any other, but a relationship between two partners is considered to be the most intense one. There is a lot of intimacy, dedication, attention, commitments, loyalty, etc involved in a relationship between two individuals. Many a time, it is observed that even when partners are together, they seem to be unhappy or emotionally unsatisfied. Psychological and emotional aspects play an important role in every relationship, especially in an intimate relationship between partners. There are many reasons behind an unhappy relationship such as unspoken expectations, emotional unavailability, lack of dedication and attention and many other factors which collectively result in depression, loneliness, anxiety, sadness and various other types of the evil state of mind. Since a relationship is always mutual, it demands communication, and this is what we are experts in. You can call us a relationship communication channel, we won't mind!

We work with full dedication under the name Bee Beyonnd, an organization which is ready to provide you the most appropriate psychological support and is considered to be one of the most reliable and trustable Relationship Counseling Centers in Andheri whose comprehensive services are available at a price that would definitely fit into your budget. We are constituted by a team of dedicated professionals and expert psychologists who offer you appropriate counseling and help you gain a better perspective of the relationship that you are in. We are here to make your relationship healthy and happy as we believe "separation must be considered as a last option or no option at all".

Visit us and give a fresh start to your relationship.